About Me

Jessica Barst, owner of JewelryTutorialHQ.com. Learn to make jewelry with me!Hi there! I’m Jessica Barst (you can call me Jess). I live in Dallas, Texas, and jewelry is my life!

I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember – beginning with macramé friendship bracelets on the playground in grade school, and graduating to beaded flower rings shortly thereafter. I am almost entirely self-taught, learning from jewelry making magazines and books (in the days before the internet and YouTube) as well as a whole lot of experimentation. Since those early playground years some twenty-mumble-mumble years ago, I have practiced and perfected many jewelry making skills – especially wire wrapping – and have begun the journey of learning many more, like metalsmithing and working with precious metal clay.

I am a freelance jewelry designer, drawing detailed technical drawings and designing beaded jewelry for large international manufacturers since 2006. I own Bespangled Jewelry and Bespangled Beads on Etsy, and I write another blog where I share tons of craft tutorials, DIY Beauty recipes, and my culinary adventures. My official title around the house (and on the web) is “Craftypants-in-Chief”. I love to make stuff, and obviously, I love to be busy!

More than anything though, I love to teach! I am the proud owner of JewelryTutorialHQ.com, which I began in October 2012 to share my passion for jewelry making with others. Thanks to JTHQ, I am now teaching live local jewelry making classes too!

I love my job and I love my jewelry business, but just between you and me, I dream of running JTHQ and teaching online jewelry classes full time someday. I want to thank you for being here – and for spreading the word about my tutorials. Every time you share my blog or one of my videos, you are helping me get closer to that dream life :)

Behind the scenes at Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters- making jewelry in my studio!

About Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters

At Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters, you’ll find all kinds of free jewelry making projects, ideas, inspiration, and resources!

I like to share tutorials and information on designing and creating handmade jewelry as well as tips on how to market those handmade products and create a successful indie jewelry business. I share my own jewelry making tutorials as well as those of other talented artists, covering a wide variety of techniques and materials ranging from wirewrapped jewelry designs to jewelry made from recycled paper or fabric, just to name a few things.

At Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters you will also find tips, tricks, and tutorials on topics related to your jewelry business, such as how to make your own earring cards and packaging, photographing your handmade jewelry, where to find the best deals on commercial goods and supplies, and so much more!

I hope to create a community for jewelry artists of all skill levels and styles, where we can come together and share our knowledge and experience. I look forward to sharing my expertise with you, as well as learning some new jewelry making techniques for myself along the way!

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit! I hope you will check back often and that we may enjoy a wonderful journey of learning together.