DIY 2-Sided Washer Pendants {Video}

DIY Washer Pendants - jewelry making video tutorial

This is a super fun and easy jewelry making project using washers from the hardware store to make cute and colorful reversible pendants! Use coordinating or contrasting colors and patterns – come up with your own favorite combination! You’ll find a complete supply list below the video. TOOLS & SUPPLIES: • 1 inch washer (spray painted in the color of your choice – see notes below) • scrapbook paper • 1 inch round paper punch •3/8 inch round paper punch {Read More}

DIY Painted Nail Polish Cabochons {Video}

DIY Nail Polish Painted Cabochons tutorial

 Making your own cabochons is easy and fun with your favorite nail polish colors and some glass gems – like the kind you use in vases and aquariums! This video tutorial will show you two different techniques to create interesting patterns and textures under the glass, so you’re essentially creating your own beautiful gems to work with! When they’re done, use them for making pendants, rings, magnets, mosaics, or any number of other fun craft projects. (See ideas below!) 

DIY Glass Cabochons and Pendants {Video}

DIY Glass Cabochons and Pendants

Learn to make these cute and colorful glass pendants with me. I’ll show you how to use scrapbook paper and some glass ‘vase gems’ to make some really fun cabochons that you can use for so many things! This video tutorial takes you through the steps of creating the cabochon and adding a bail, but once you learn the technique, you can make magnets, rings, or set them in a bezel just like any other stone cabochon.  There are so {Read More}

How to Make Peruvian Thread Earrings {Video}

DIY Peruvian thread earrings (video tutorial)

  Peruvian thread earrings are wonderful brightly colored accessories that have always fascinated me. At first glance, they look extremely complicated to make, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are actually quite simple, thanks to this video tutorial.  Use a wire coiling tool to make perfect wire coils quickly and easily, or learn how to coil wire by hand with this video. Use a sturdy work-hardened wire as your base wire. If your base wire is too soft, wrapping the {Read More}

How to Make Bullet Shell Pendants {Video}

DIY bullet shell pendants tutorial

Bullet shell jewelry is all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder! This video tutorial shows you step by step how to make your own cool pendants using spent bullet shell casings and quartz crystal points. You’ll learn how to saw them off, drill a hole, and attach the bead. You won’t want to make just one! These funky pendants make a great addition to a long chain alone or with other fun charms and dangles. TIP: If you {Read More}