DIY Upcycled Sushi Tray Earrings {Video}

Jewelry tutorial - DIY sushi tray earrings {video}This jewelry making video shows you how to make a fun pair of earrings from an unexpected material – an upcycled plastic to-go container for sushi! These earrings are nice and light, and also very quick to make. Oh, and they’re earth-friendly, too :)

Complete list of tools and supplies below the video.

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• one plastic to-go sushi container, cleaned and dried
• sharp scissors
1.5″ circle paper punch
1″ circle paper punch
• awl or nail
1/16″ circle hole punch
• 2 jump open rings, 6mm (18-20g) – any material
• 1 pair ear wires, any material
• 2 pairs of jewelry pliers (any combination of round nosed, bent nosed, or chain nosed pliers)

Having trouble with jump rings? See How to Open and Close a Jump Ring the Right Way for some video guidance :)

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  1. Tina Hanks says:

    Thanks for the great tutorials. Look forward to more…

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