How to Make a Knotted Headpin {Video}

Free jewelry tutorial: how to make knotted headpins

In this quick video I’ll show you how I make my own knotted headpins. I think they add a special touch to certain designs, and one of my favorite things about them is that I can make them as long as I need for larger beads or making fancy wraps at the top of beaded dangles:

faceted white pearl earring charms with knotted headpins

We won’t cover the bead wrapping part in this video – I’ll share that step in a separate video (see How to Wire Wrap a Headpin). But the photo of these pretty pearl earring charms from my shop is an example of how I use my handmade knotted headpins. Don’t you think it adds a little something extra to an otherwise simple design?


26 gauge wire*
• round nose pliers
• chain nose pliers
nylon jaw flat nose pliers (optional)

If you’re viewing this on a mobile device or are unable to see the embedded video, you can watch > How to Make a Knotted Headpin < on YouTube.


* I usually prefer 26 gauge wire because it’s easier to maneuver, but it is possible to make these knotted headpins using 24 gauge wire as well. I like to use half-hard wire (for almost everything, in fact) but you can also use dead soft wire if you prefer.

As I mention in the video, the coil takes up about 1/2 inch (approximately 12mm), so if you want a finished headpin length of 2 inches, begin with a 2.5″ length of wire!

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  1. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! I love this look and can’t wait to make some of my own.

  2. This is a great site. I am new to making wrapped wire jewelry and really appreciate the explanations of the various wires. .

  3. marialis says:

    Me gusta este sitio,las explicaciones.trabajo un poco de todo,pero siempre busco aprender nuevos proyectos.
    Felicidades y gracias por compartir tus conocimientos.

  4. Dear Jessica,
    Thanks for sharing. I had goldsmith workshop many years ago . When I watch your tutorials wrapped wire , it motivates me to start working again .

  5. Hey Jess! YouTube was reading my mind when it randomly suggested this tutorial. I’ve been looking for a new, cute, fun way to make headpins with wire. I’ve been experimenting with different gauges of Artistic Wire all morning. Thanks for the inspiration!

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