How to Make Bullet Shell Pendants {Video}

DIY bullet shell pendants tutorialBullet shell jewelry is all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder! This video tutorial shows you step by step how to make your own cool pendants using spent bullet shell casings and quartz crystal points. You’ll learn how to saw them off, drill a hole, and attach the bead. You won’t want to make just one! These funky pendants make a great addition to a long chain alone or with other fun charms and dangles. TIP: If you are going to be working with brass shells, you may want to read about how to clean brass bullet shells before you get started.

You will need:

• empty bullet shell* • jeweler’s saw (with finetooth blade, size 2/0) • 120 grit sandpaper • 1/16″ drill bit {OR #66 (.033″) or #67 (.032″)} • power drill {OR twist hand drill or rotary tool} • eye protection • 24 gauge brass wire (craft wire), about 6″ • long crystal point bead or other top drilled bead** (find them here and here) • round nose jewelry pliers • flat nosed (chain nosed) pliers • flush cutters NOTES: * The shells I use in this video are these Remington .223 brass shells. If you don’t want to do any sawing, you can also use 9mm bullet shells, or .38 specials which are the same diameter. (I sell them in my shop, and I will also pre-drill them for you if you like!) **The size of these gorgeous crystal point beads varies greatly, so it’s a bit tough to find the perfect size to fit your bullet. If you’re using a .223, 9mm, or .38 special, look for crystals that are about 7-8mm wide to allow space for your wire on both sides of the bead. For larger crystals, you can try .40 bullet shells or .45 bullet shells. The diameters of the openings are 10mm and 11mm respectively, so again, leaving room for the wire on each side of the bead, you’d probably need 9-10mm wide crystals here. Also important to note: some crystal points are sold without holes, so be sure you are getting the ones that are drilled if you want to wire wrap them in to the bullet shell like I did. You can certainly use glue instead (I recommend E6000) but you could get away with a slightly larger crystal since you don’t need room for the wire. You’d still need to find a way to add a bail to your bullet though, so don’t forget to figure that out before you glue the stone in!

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  1. sixtoeight says:

    hey there! a couple questions…

    1. the crystals you are using are beautiful! where did you find them?
    2. how did you find your bullet shells?


    • Hi Courtney! Thanks, I actually found the crystals on Amazon! I don’t see the same ones I got anymore but there are some beautiful cobalt blue ones here. I have also seen them on Etsy – search for ‘crystal points’ or ‘mystic crystal points’ in the supply section.

      The bullets were given to me by friends – I live in Texas and it seems just about everyone around here shoots guns for fun, lol! I have a few for sale in my Etsy shop here, in different sizes (some wouldn’t need cutting). I actually have a ton more that aren’t yet listed so if you are looking for something in particular let me know! I just might have it :)

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. do you have to drill holes in the crystals?
    I can’t find anywhere with the holes already in them I tried find ideas?

  3. Terrie Phillips says:

    I really love these, thank you so much for sharing the info. I am very interested in etching on future bullet casings like some I’ve seen on etsy sites. Does anyone have any advice that may get me going in the right direction?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks. Terrie

  4. I just had brain surgery, so I am off work and feel antsy. I have a hard time concentrating, but I came across your tutorials and feel inspired!! I am going to try some of these ideas! I’m so excited!!! Thank you for all these tutorials!!

    • Hi Janet! I’m so happy to hear that you’re inspired! I hope you’ll find lots more great projects here as well to keep your hands busy – I know that antsy feeling all to well. Wishing you a speedy recovery – thanks so much for visiting!

      xo Jessica

  5. Looking for the quartz pieces

    • Hi Mary,

      There are a few options here on Amazon and you can probably also find them on Etsy. Be sure that the size (the width) of the crystal is a good fit for the size bullet you want to use, allowing room for the wire on both sides. I think I used crystals that were 7-8mm wide with the 223 bullet (same size as 9mm) with 24 gauge wire.

      Also be sure to double check that the crystals are top drilled, as some are available without holes.

      Have fun!

      ~ Jessica

  6. Gillian allen says:

    Is it totally safe to drill through the primar silver top bit of the bullet.. i.e. nothing will explode. Just need to check

    • Hi Gillian!

      Excellent question. ONLY drill or cut bullets that have already been fired. In other words, only work with the EMPTY bullet shells, not actual LIVE bullets, as they do have gunpowder inside, and yes – that could be very dangerous!

  7. Kelly Oliver says:

    You are wonderful Jessica…thank you. I just got into the social media & you are amazing. I would love to be as talented as you are. Thanks again.

    • Aw, thanks so much Kelly! I’m so sorry for the late reply. I seem to have missed a ton of comments somehow, my apologies!

      I really appreciate your kind words. But for the record – I’m not sure it’s so much ‘talent’ as just experimenting and ‘practice’. You can do it too :)

      Have fun!

      ~ Jess

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