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How to Make a Coiled Wire Bead {Video}


coiling gizmo - how to make coiled wire beads tutorial
This video shows you how to use the Beadalon Deluxe Coiling Gizmo to create a perfect wire coil, and then how to coil it a second time to create a fabulous coiled wire bead! Make them in all different colors and sizes and use these funky wire beads to add a special element to your handmade beaded jewelry designs!


Beadalon’s Deluxe Coiling Gizmo comes with 5 different sized cranking rods (to make different diameter coils) and comes with a clamp ready to attach it to your work surface.

You can also purchase the Beadalon Econowinder Coiling Gizmo, which comes with 2 cranking rods but does not include the clamp.

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