How to Make a Coiled Wire Bead {Video}

coiling gizmo - how to make coiled wire beads tutorial
This video shows you how to use the EconoWinder Coiling Gizmo to create a perfect wire coil, and then how to coil it a second time to create a fabulous coiled wire bead! Make them in all different colors and sizes and use these funky wire beads to add a special element to your handmade beaded jewelry designs!


The Coiling Gizmo comes with 5 different sized cranking rods (to make different diameter coils) and comes with a clamp ready to attach it to your work surface.

In the video, the process is demonstrated with 24 gauge artistic wire for the first coil and then 20 gauge artistic wire to create the larger inner coil. Have fun mixing colors and see what fabulous creations you can come up with!

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