How to Make Continuous T-Shirt Yarn {Video}

how to make continuous t-shirt yarnT-shirt yarn, also known as “tarn”, is a great eco-friendly product that is perfect for lots of DIY craft projects including rag rugs, scarves, or fun woven bracelets.

It has a nice slightly stretchy quality, and is very easy and inexpensive to make yourself. This video will show you how to make long continuous pieces of t-shirt yarn to minimize the knots and connections in your craft projects.

When you’ve finished watching this one, be sure to watch this video to see how to connect two ends of t-shirt yarn together and how to make woven t-shirt bracelets, or see my other DIY t-shirt yarn + chain bracelet tutorial!

 If you are unable to view the embedded video, you can watch >>How to Make Continuous T-Shirt Yarn<< on YouTube. 

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TIPSI highly recommend using fabric scissors for cutting fabric. You will get nice clean edges and the blades cut like butter (like BUTTER I tell you!!!). Trust me – I tried with regular scissors and got results that would have been better if I had gnawed the material apart with my teeth.

Another great option is a nice rotary cutter used with a straight edge for the first part of the cutting. You’ll get nice smooth cuts with ease, and the round blade glides along the ruler and cuts through several layers of fabric easily. It’s also really comfortable to work with and a little faster if you plan on cutting lots of fabric!

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how to make a jersey knit t-shirt bracelet (video tutorial)DIY jersey knit t-shirt yarn chain bracelet tutorial



  1. Been looking for clear instructions for tshirt yarn. I found it right here. Thank you so much! Gonna take the hubby’s old tshirts and loom knit some things – maybe a rug? for the bathroom.

  2. Dottie Bonner says:

    I just found out about TARN and PLARN!! What an excellent way to recycle!! I can’t wait to get started!! Thanks for the great info!!!!

  3. Hi !
    I just tried to follow your instruction about how to do t-shirt yarn (nice video!) but at the end I couldn’t get my t-shirt to roll on the right side for the colors…is there a trick when you stretch out the fabric to choose on which side it will roll? Also is there a chance to get rid of the big stitching on the side of t-shirts which make the yard uneven?
    Thank you again for this helpful video!
    – dom

    • Hi Dom!

      Unfortunately I haven’t come up with a trick for getting the t-shirt to roll on the right side. I tend to use non-printed t-shirts mostly for this reason. Also, the only way to get rid of the stitching would be to cut it off, so instead of having continuous yarn you’d have shorter strips that would have to be connected. I also try to avoid t-shirts with seams because it does make the yarn bumpy.

      I have another video where I show how to connect two strips together – you can try that with shorter pieces without the seams and see if it’s a little bit less lumpy and uneven:

      Hope that helps! Thanks so much for visiting :)


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