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How to Make Peruvian Thread Earrings {Video}


DIY Peruvian thread earrings (video tutorial)Peruvian thread earrings are wonderful brightly colored accessories that have always fascinated me.

At first glance, they look extremely complicated to make, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are actually quite simple, thanks to this video tutorial. 

Use a wire coiling tool to make perfect wire coils quickly and easily, or learn how to coil wire by hand with this video.

Use a sturdy work-hardened wire as your base wire. If your base wire is too soft, wrapping the thread will distort the shape!

You can use embroidery floss as your thread – simply pull out one single strand from the floss and use it as your thread. (Embroidery floss is made up of a bundle of smaller individual threads.)

If you don’t have any acrylic gel medium, you can use G. S. Hypo cement or even just clear nail polish to secure the ends of the thread in place. 

Photo via Ikologee

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