How to Use Wubber’s Square Mandrel Pliers {Video Demo}

Learn to make square jump rings, coils, tube bails, or diamond shaped links using these fun designer jewelry making tools by Wubber’s. In this video, the developer of these specialty pliers shows us tips, tricks, and techniques as well as a few specific ways to use these square jawed pliers.

Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to make square tubes or uniform square coils. Combining mandrels with plier handles has created an ingenious tool which is both fun and comfortable to use!

The jaws of all Wubber’s square mandrel pliers are not tapered like other jewelry making pliers. This allows you to make uniform coils (useful in making your own jump rings), which is a bit of a task using a stand-alone mandrel, and downright impossible with a tapered square jewelry mandrel. Additionally, the two jaws on each pair of pliers are different sizes, allowing you two options to wrap around.

how to use wubbers square mandrel pliers {video demo}
These specialty jewelry making pliers come in four sizes:

Small Square Mandrel Pliers (3 and 5mm)

Medium Square Mandrel Pliers (6 and 8mm)

Large Square Mandrel Pliers (10 and 13mm)

Jumbo Square Mandrel Pliers (16 and 20mm)

I am a recent and proud owner of two pairs of Wubber’s square mandrel pliers – the small and the jumbo – and I LOVE them and am having so much fun with them so far!

Working with traditional tapered mandrels is difficult and frustrating when you want to create two pieces that are exactly alike. Even a non-tapered mandrel can be tricky to use because to shape wire around it, you have to keep it pressed against the mandrel as you form it. The jaws of these pliers hold the wire in place and you simply turn your wrist to create the desired shapes.

I am working on just finished a video tutorial using my Jumbo Square Mandrel Pliers, where I show you how to make diamond shaped earwires quickly and easily. Check it out!

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