How to Wire Wrap a Briolette {video + photos}

how to wire wrap a briolette - jewelry making tutorial videoThis video and photos show you step by step how to wire wrap a briolette drop. This type of wire wrap is also sometimes referred to as a “triangle wrap” because of the way the wire forms a triangle shape at the top of the bead. Wire wrapped briolettes are very elegant and make lovely dangle drops for earrings, necklaces, charm bracelets, etc.

In my opinion, triangle wraps are one of the most fun basic jewelry making techniques, and you don’t want to miss out!!

There is a list of materials below, along with still images of each step and written instructions for your convenience. I recommend watching the video first so the steps below make more sense. Enjoy!


• briolette drop
• 3-4″ length of wire (24g, 26g, or 28g)*, half hard.
• round nosed pliers
• flush cutters
• chain nosed pliers (aka “flat nosed” or “needle nosed” pliers)

* I used 26 gauge wire in this video.


Start with a length of wire about 3-4 inches long. As you become more advanced, you will be able to work with shorter piece of wire (- I use 2″ for most simple triangle wraps.)

Feed the wire through the top of the briolette until you have about 1 inch on the left side.

how to wire wrap a briolette 1

how to wire wrap a briolette step by step {+ video}




Bend both sides up to follow the angle of the top of the briolette, and cross the ends over to form a “V” shape.


Use your fingernail or flat nosed pliers to bend the long tail where it meets the top of the bead. It should now be pointing straight up.

The short end needs to be sticking out perpendicular to the long tail of wire, so that the wire looks like an “L” shape. Bend that piece into place as well.

Twist the short piece of wire around the long tail 2 to 3 full times…












…and trim as close to the work as possible with your flush cutters. If necessary, use your flat nosed pliers to squeeze down the end.

Use the round nosed pliers to bend the long tail of wire to a 45˚ angle about 2-3 mm above the last wraps. There needs to be some space to accommodate the wraps that will finish the loop and secure it in place, but leave less space to decrease the distance between the top of the bead and the loop, depending on your preference. If you are making earrings then be sure to make this the same for both beads that should match. Angling the wire like this helps create a straight loop. If you skip it, you’ll notice that your loop is lopsided and needs to be bent into place to be straight up!

After you have created the slight bend in the wire, pull the long tail over and around one prong of the round nosed pliers until it forms a full loop and the tail is facing back to the right. Since the pliers are tapered, the position of the wire on them when you form the loop will determine the size of the loop. Again, pay attention to the placement so that you can make uniform loops when you need your wire wrapped drops to match!

If you want to attach this drop to something, do it now!

To close the loop, use the flat nosed pliers to grip the loop and hold its form while you wrap the tail around the stem in the space you left.

Try to wrap the wire perpendicularly to the stem of the loop so that the turns of wire don’t overlap each other but fall in place right next to each other. Again, this will take a bit of practice but you’ll get it!



That’s it! You’ve created a wire wrapped briolette that you can use in so many fun ways in your jewelry making adventures! Have fun, and happy wrapping!




  1. This so great for we wasn’t to learn jewelry making technique and cannot get out
    From home so easily. Your instructions are easy to follow and you make it look
    Obtainable. Thank you.
    Bre Rich

  2. hiee….this realy soo easy n useful..thnx for sharing ds..

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