SEO Tips for Artists and Crafters: Give your online shop a boost!

SEO tips for artists and craftersWhen selling your products online, whether it be at a personal website or an online marketplace for artisans such as Etsy, ArtFire, or TheCraftStar, it is important to do everything you can to help shoppers searching online to find your items better. A fancy way to describe the implementation of these practices is the term Search Engine Optimization. “SEO” is very important for your business’s success online, but unfortunately is a topic that eludes most handicraft artists.

Some basic SEO techniques that anyone can do easily include adding keywords related to your products in the correct places.  Before you can do this you must have done the proper keyword research to ensure that the terms you are using are terms people are searching for.

Using the free Google Keyword Tool  can assist in finding new keywords as well as showing you exactly how many searches are done monthly and how competitive those keywords are. You will want to research keywords for your shop in general as well as for individual products.

use the free google keyword tool to find the best keywords

Once you find your target keywords you need to place them throughout your shop’s information pages (‘about’ page, shop headline, etc. ) and product listings in the item’s title, tags, and product description. Do not spam or overuse the keywords; mention them one or two times in each section using synonyms, plurals, and different variations. Your use of keywords should sound natural when you read it aloud, not repetitive or awkward. Search engines don’t like it, and neither do people!

Your shop headline (or ‘tagline’ ) should be no longer than 70 characters; this is the most important search engine ranking factor for your online shop. This also appears as the link in the search results page, so have a good title written.  A good shop headline would be “Buy Handmade and Vintage Jewelry Online at (Insert Store Name)”

Keep in mind that only the first 160 characters appear in the search engine results so try to put your most important information and keywords in the beginning of your shop profile and item titles and descriptions. This should describe what can be found on the page. This information appears in the search engines, underneath the blue link.

SEO tips for artists & crafters

Make sure your descriptions are original and the more information about your product that you add to this section the better. This adds relevancy to your page and the search engines see this and will rank you for you additional keyword variations you never imagined.

Tags should be at least ten keywords which accurately inform search engines what your page is about and let shoppers know what they’ll find when they get there.  This is not a big ranking factor, but it does increase your shop’s relevancy to specific keywords when the search engines crawl your site. Of course, it also helps people searching within the site itself to find your items better.

Don’t forget to use keywords to describe your images. When saving images make sure to change the file name from image.jpg to your-keywords.jpg as this will help you show up in Google Images searches.

Doing the above search engine optimization techniques will have your store ranking higher in the search engines, getting more traffic, and ultimately more sales. Put these practices in place today!

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loves to create unique handmade crafts to sell online at virtual marketplaces such as TheCraftStar


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