Smooth Wire Ends with a Wire Rounder Tool (Video Demo)

wire rounder tool - cup bur smooths ends of handmade earwires

If you make your own earwires for your handmade earrings, then you know that smoothing the ends by hand can be somewhat of a pain. Using sandpaper or a file works well to get rid of those painful sharp pointy bits, but having the right tools certainly speeds up the process, which is great when you’re making more than one pair!

Using a wire rounder tool like this one is simple. Choose the cup bur that best fits the diameter of the wire that you’re working with, insert the end of the wire into the cup at the end of the tool, and twist back and forth several times. Then change the angle of the wire as you twist to about 45˚and continue twisting back and forth and moving the tool around to smooth all sides of the wire’s end at that angle. (Ok, so it’s actually much simpler than it sounds…watch the video below for a demonstration!)

Use a 1.8mm cup bur for wire gauges 16-21, and the 1.2mm bur for wire sized 22-26 gauge. (Sizes mentioned are the outer diameter of the cup bur, which is generally how they are sold.)

These bits can also be used in a rotary tool such as a Dremel.

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