How to Use Wire Looping Pliers {Video Demo}

how to use wire looping pliersThis video demonstrates how easy making loops can be using wire looping pliers, which are specialty jewelry making pliers with one concave jaw and one normal round-nosed jaw.

Wire looping pliers can be used for making simple wire loops, wrapped loops, and eye pins without having to switch back and forth between round nosed and chain nosed pliers throughout the process.

While not an absolute necessity, these special jewelry making pliers can certainly save time when making a large quantity of loops – such as in rosary style linked beaded chains – and are quite fun to use!

Regular wire looping pliers like the ones in the video have a continuous tapered round jaw, but there are also 3-step looping pliers with 3 separate cylindrical areas of different diameters for creating consistent sized loops every time.

3-step wire looping pliersBoth are useful and effective. The smooth tapered jaw wire looping pliers give you more options for loop sizes than the stepped pliers, where you are limited to just the 3 sizes of the steps on the jaw.

You can use a marker to mark the jaw of the smooth tapered wire looping pliers for consistent loops while still keeping more loop size options available. The mark will wipe off easily anytime you want to remove it.

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