Today’s tutorial is a quick and easy DIY Leather Wrap Crystal Necklace. This chic boho style necklace can be cute and colorful like mine or you can obviously tone it down a notch using more neutral traditional leather colors. This fun style requires only a few simple supplies and is extra simple if you make it like I did, all in one piece with no clasp. (See below the video for a complete list of materials and an option for {Read More}

If you’re like me when the end of October rolls around, you’re always looking for an easy last-minute DIY Halloween costume idea. These wire spider web earrings are a great way to be festive without having to spend a lot of time or money coming up with something to wear. Plus, if you’re kooky like me, you can probably get away with wearing these fun earrings at other times besides Halloween ;) These earrings are a lot like the spider {Read More}

Cord knotting is something I’ve been doing a lot of recently. I find it so relaxing and I love the way the finished knotted cord jewelry looks! Plus, working with cord is a wonderful way to be able to make casual bracelets and necklaces inexpensively and without needing a lot of findings and supplies. In this video, I’ll go over some general cord knotting tips and then get into specifics for both waxed cord and pearl knotting (knotting with silk cord) at a {Read More}

  Making knotted cord jewelry is tons of fun, but it’s somewhat unforgiving. If you make a mistake, it can be difficult to correct it if your knots are nice and tight like they should be. And if you run out of cord before you’re ready, well….there’s not much you can do about that, besides finding a creative way to incorporate your too-short piece into another design. These tips will hopefully save you a lot of time and heartache :) {Read More}

One of the most common questions I get from readers is, “What kind of tools do I need if I want to get started making wire wrapped jewelry?” I know it can be extremely overwhelming, and there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to jewelry pliers and tools. But the good news is, you really only need 3 tools to be able to get started making wire jewelry and performing all the basic wire wrapping techniques! {Read More}

Wire Wrapping for Beginners Do you want to learn to make beautiful, professionally finished wire wrapped jewelry? Then I’ve got something perfect for you – my new Wire Wrapping for Beginners complete video course is almost FINISHED! CLICK HERE for more info about this exciting new course :) I look forward to teaching you all my secret wire wrapping tips and tricks and helping you make gorgeous wire wrapped jewelry that you can wear, give, or even sell! ENROLL NOW!

In this video I’ll show you how to make this knotted cord bracelet from start to finish, including a simple sliding knot to make your bracelet an adjustable size that will fit just about anyone! You’ll also learn some great cord knotting tips and tricks – like how to prevent frayed ends while stringing and how to get your knots to land right where you want them to. These knotted cord bracelets are a great casual style, and so much fun to make. I hope you’ll enjoy {Read More}

Ever wondered how to set snaps in leather? I have two great options for you! In the first video, I demonstrate how to set snaps in leather using Dritz Snap Setting Pliers and decorative faux pearl snaps. This method will work on thin leather (I am using a scrap of leather that is 1 mm thick, salvaged from an old handbag) as well as on denim and other fabrics. The second video is from my friend Margaret at Hearts and {Read More}

Cord Knotting Tip: How to Finish Waxed Cord Ends so They Don’t Fray Today I’m going to show you the simple trick I use to finish off my knotted waxed cord jewelry so the ends don’t fray. Nope! I don’t use glue – I prefer to use this technique instead of using glue to finish my cord ends because I find that it lasts longer, it’s less messy, there’s no drying time, and I just really hate the way some glues {Read More}

Cord Knotting Tip: How to Avoid Frayed Ends While Knotting Cord knotting is a ton of fun, but it’s probably safe to say that if you’ve tried stringing small beads on cord or thread, then you’ve experienced the frustration of dealing with frayed ends! Those pesky frayed ends will catch on your tiny beads and prevent them from sliding on easily, and often trimming them doesn’t fix the problem (or can even make them worse!). In this quick video, I {Read More}

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