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The RIGHT Way to Use Jump Rings {Video}

how to open a jump ring

What is a jump ring? By definition, a jump ring is a metal ring where the ends meet but are not soldered or welded together, so the ring can be opened and closed. Jump rings are used to attach two components together when making jewelry; for example – connecting a clasp to a chain, or connecting a charm to a link. They are also the basis for making chain maille! As you might guess, learning to open and close a {Read More}

How to Make a Leather Necklace {Video}

How to Finish a Leather or Cord Necklace: Free jewelry tutorial video from

How to Make a Leather Necklace Making leather necklaces is fun and easy! They are quick to make and work well with a variety of pendant and charm styles, so you can make them in all different colors for all your favorite pendants. In this video I show you step by step how to use fold-over end crimps to attach a clasp to a flat leather cord, but these findings also work great for making necklaces with ribbon, cord, or rubber. This {Read More}

How to Wire Wrap a Headpin

Free jewelry tutorial: how to wire wrap a bead on a headpin. Learn to make a beaded dangle with this step-by-step video tutorial from

In this video, I’ll show you how to wire wrap a bead on a headpin – which is a basic jewelry making technique that’s great for everyone to know! Wrapped loops are much more secure than simple wire loops – I almost always prefer a wrapped loop to an open loop. Another advantage to the wrapped loop is that  since it’s more secure, you can use much finer wire than you can with the open loops. I’ll show you slowly {Read More}