How to Make Hoop Earrings / Wine Charm Rings

Learn how to make hoop earrings or wine charm rings in this video from

In this video, I’ll show you how to make hoop earrings that you can also use as wine charm ring findings. In my last post, I shared a DIY Christmas Tree Wine Charm tutorial and I promised to share the hoop part of that tutorial in another video, so here we are!

In this lesson, I go over what kind of wire to use (very important!), how to make the hoop earring, how to make sure the earring will hold its shape, and how to finish the end of the wire so it’s nice and smooth.

These earrings are a lot of fun to make (and wear!) and I love that they are so versatile, since you can either wear them as plain hoops or use any kind of interchangeable charms that you like. I hope you enjoy learning how to make hoop earrings – let’s get started :)

If you’re unable to watch the embedded video, you can watch it here on YouTube
>> DIY Hoop Earrings / Wine Charm Rings <<

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How to Make Hoop Earrings


• half hard jewelry wire, 20 gauge (.8 mm) or 22 gauge (.6 mm)
nylon jaw chain nose pliers
• 15mm round mandrel
• round nose pliers
• chain nose pliers
• flush cutters
steel bench block
rawhide mallet or rubber mallet
• nail file or metal file (OR you can check out this post to see how to use a wire rounder tool)


➸ I briefly touch on a couple of important points regarding wire hardness and work hardening in the video, and I would encourage you to read up on both of those things if you’re a wire working newbie.

If you have time, check out the entire series Everything You Every Wanted to Know About Jewelry Wire – there’s lots of great info about the nuances of jewelry wire that will help you create better, stronger wire jewelry.

➸  If you’d like to create hoops that are partially flattened, then you would opt for a metal jewelry hammer.  Rawhide and rubber mallets strengthen without changing the shape or profile of the metal.

➸ FYI – Using a 15mm mandrel usually makes a finished hoop that’s about 18-20 mm in diameter, because of the ‘springback’ of the wire. You can use this same method to create hoops of various sizes, using different mandrels!


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