How to Use Nylon Jaw Chain Nose Pliers {4 ways}

4 ways to use nylon jaw chain nose pliers in making wire jewelry!

I’m often asked for recommendations about tools by those getting started making wire jewelry. Aside from the three essential tools I recommend for beginners, there are some others that are extremely useful in wire wrapping and making wire jewelry.

Let me introduce you to nylon jaw chain nose pliers! There are so many reasons this handy tool deserves some space in your jewelry making tool box. Check out the video for a demo of my favorite uses!

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Need a pair of nylon jaw chain nose pliers? You can grab some here.

So let’s recap what I talked about in the video. What are nylon jaw chain nose pliers used for?

Nylon jaw chain nose pliers pliers are used to:

• Straighten wire that’s right off the spool

• Straighten out kinks in your wire

• Grip your work without leaving tool marks

• Work harden jewelry wire

• (and one I forgot to mention): Put a curve into a piece of straight wire. Just hold the pliers at a slight angle to the wire when you pull it through!


Nylon jaw chain nose pliers are made with removable jaws because over time, they start to get chewed up with grooves from the wire. When this happens, you’ll want to switch them out for a fresh pair.

If you need help with this, check out my video here to see How to Replace the Jaws on Nylon Jaw Pliers (or just keep going with the playlist embedded above).


Thanks so much for watching! Have you been using nylon jaw chain nose pliers in wire working? Is there something you use them for that I didn’t mention here? I’d love to hear it – leave a comment and let me know :)

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  1. I have to say, you have the absolute best tutorials I’ve ever watched. You’re clear and explain ever small detail, as well as clearly explaining why or why you do not do any given step. Thank you for the clear instructions.