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DIY Magic Braid Leather Bracelet {Video}

magic braid leather bracelet

  Yesterday, I showed you how I cut up an old purse to salvage the leather for making jewelry. Well, here’s the bracelet I promised you – the first of many more projects to come using this lovely soft green leather! DIY Magic Braid Leather Bracelet This type of braid is known as a 3-part inside trick braid, and is also called a ‘magic braid’ or ‘mystery braid’ as both of the ends are mysteeeeeeriously in tact. In this video, {Read More}

Use an Old Purse to Make Leather for Jewelry

cutting up a leather purse

Use an Old Purse to Make Leather for Jewelry As you might already know, I’m a huge fan of recycled and upcycled jewelry and craft supplies, and I’ve made some jewelry out of some strange things, including old t-shirts and plastic sushi trays.  I’m always looking for ways to turn something old, broken, or no longer useful into something that has a new life and purpose. So when my mom tried to give me this handbag she didn’t want anymore and {Read More}

DIY Cute Swarovski Mouse Earrings {Video}

DIY beaded mouse pearl earrings

In this video, I show you how to make these adorable beaded Swarovski pearl earrings that look like a little mouse!  These sweet little things can be made with your choice of beads and colors, and even sizes, so please have fun and play around with different combinations to find something that’s just your style :) If you are unable to view the embedded video below, you can click to watch this >> DIY Swarovski Beaded Mouse Earrings << on YouTube. TOOLS {Read More}

DIY Leather Tassel Earrings {Video}

DIY leather tassel earrings

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a fun pair of tassel earrings using scraps of suede leather leftover from other projects! This style is so easy to make, and the earrings are so light and airy you’ll want to wear them every day. Mix up your colors with different leathers and have a blast with your new tassel earrings! If you are unable to view the embedded video, click here to watch my >> DIY Leather Tassel Earring {Read More}

How to Work Harden Jewelry Wire

How to work harden jewelry wire

Why do we need to work harden wire? Work hardening techniques allow us to deliberately change the temper of the wire that we want to work with and force it into a stronger state. In other words, we would work harden to give strength to soft metal to help it hold its shape. We can also use it to add springiness, as is helpful in a latched hoop earring or clasp. What is Work Hardening? This particular article covers methods for {Read More}

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