Wire Wrapped Caged Bead Tutorial {Video}

Wire wrapped caged bead tutorial (video)

In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to wire wrap a bead to make it look like a caged cabochon setting. I use an unusual bead that is flat on the back like a cabochon but is drilled like a bead, but this technique should work with any ‘normal’ long drilled bead as well. You’ll find the list of supplies after the video. If you’re on a mobile device and can’t see the embedded video, click to watch my {Read More}

DIY 2-Sided Washer Pendants {Video}

DIY Washer Pendants - jewelry making video tutorial

This is a super fun and easy jewelry making project using washers from the hardware store to make cute and colorful reversible pendants! Use coordinating or contrasting colors and patterns – come up with your own favorite combination! You’ll find a complete supply list below the video. TOOLS & SUPPLIES: • 1 inch washer (spray painted in the color of your choice – see notes below) • scrapbook paper • 1 inch round paper punch •3/8 inch round paper punch {Read More}

DIY Nail Polish Jewelry – Heart Pendant Tutorial {Video}

DIY Nail Polish Jewelry - Painted Heart Pendant Tutorial

Nail polish jewelry is a hot trend these days, probably because it is so much fun to make and so easy to create unique and colorful designs! This video tutorial shows you step-by-step how to create your own design on pendants using nail polish and some glass vase gems! Supply list below video. MATERIALS USED IN THIS VIDEO: • clear glass vase filler beads* (the kind with the flat back) • clear nail polish • black glitter nail polish • Sally Hansen {Read More}

DIY Glue-on Bails {Video}

DIY Aanraku Glue - On Bails for scrabble tile pendants

Glue-on bails are useful for things like scrabble tile or other handmade pendants. These glue – on bails come in many shapes, sizes and designs and can be purchased online or in craft supply shops. However, it’s simple to make your own bails to glue on to your projects if you so desire, and in this video I will show you how to do exactly that! Supply list below video. TOOLS & MATERIALS: • 3.5 inches 14 gauge wire (dead {Read More}

DIY Painted Nail Polish Cabochons {Video}

DIY Nail Polish Painted Cabochons tutorial

 Making your own cabochons is easy and fun with your favorite nail polish colors and some glass gems – like the kind you use in vases and aquariums! This video tutorial will show you two different techniques to create interesting patterns and textures under the glass, so you’re essentially creating your own beautiful gems to work with! When they’re done, use them for making pendants, rings, magnets, mosaics, or any number of other fun craft projects. (See ideas below!)