Coiling Wire by Hand {Video Demo}

how to coil wire by hand (video demo)There are tons of fun tools for coiling wire out there, but like most things, it turns out that there’s a simple way to do it without having to invest in another gadget. This video demonstration will show you the trick to getting neat wire coils easily by wrapping the wire by hand!


How to Use Coiled Wire in Your Jewelry Designs:

You can leave the wire coiled around the base wire and form it into shapes, or slide it off and string the coils as spacers in beaded jewelry.

You can keep the coils tight like a tube, or stretch them out for a completely different look. Stretched out coils can be used over a base wire to add texture and interest to your designs, in addition to forming the base for making Peruvian Thread Earrings.

Simple coils can also be coiled again to create complex spiraled wire beads. The possibilities are endless!

Of course, using a wire coiling tool will make the process easier and much faster, but as you can see it’s not a requirement for making beautiful wire coils for your unique handmade jewelry.


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