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Jersey Knit T-Shirt Bracelet Tutorial {Video}


how to make a jersey knit t-shirt bracelet (video tutorial)This video will show you how to connect strips of fabric from an old t-shirt and weave them into a fun chunky fabric bracelet.

All you need is a t-shirt, some fabric scissors, and two hands and you can make stacks of these cool upcycled eco-friendly bracelets!

You might also want to see yesterday’s post which shows you how to make continuous t-shirt yarn instead of having to connect pieces together.

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 These fun chunky finger knit bracelets are great stacked up in sets of coordinating colors:

blue and white jersey knit bracelets

Try weaving embroidery floss through your braid using a needle after the bracelet is finished (it won’t stretch enough to loop over your fingers). Another fun variation might be to weave in some chain!

diy woven jersey knit T-shirt Bracelet

diy jersey finger knit T- shirt bracelet

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  1. Mixed Kreations says:

    Cute idea! Great way to recycle old T-Shirts. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Thank you so much for tutorials like these. I am always searching for crafts my granddaughter and I can affordably do together! This is something I feel she will truly love! I also incorporates something else we like, and that is repurposing. The possibilities are endless. I have subscribed.

    • Thank you Sue! I am so happy that you found something you and your granddaughter can do together. This project is certainly perfect for that, and I hope you’ll find some others among my videos. Thanks so much for visiting, commenting, and subscribing!

      ~ Jessica

  3. What a great find! I have been searching for things to do with 35 girls from a Shelter during Thanksgiving dinner and this will be one of them!

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