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In order to clear up any possible confusion, here is an explanation of all the ways you can ‘sign up’ here at Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters. You may choose to sign up for as many as you like, they are not mutually exclusive but there may be some overlap.

1.) Subscribe to the official Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters email newsletter. Types of emails may include a digest of the best recent posts (choose whether you’d like to receive weekly, every other week, or once a month digests) and other site related news and information on new classes, products, and sales as they become available. When new premium tutorials are added to the shop, newsletter subscribers will get exclusive discounts and specials, and occasionally freebies!

2.) Subscribe to receive notifications of new posts via email or via RSS feed in a reader of your choice. You will only receive a maximum of one email per day, even if several posts are published in the same day. You will NOT automatically be subscribed to the newsletter.

3.) Register as a user. This allows you to submit links to appear on the site. You will be able to fill out a profile page where you can include a link to your website if you like. When your submitted links are published, your username will appear as the author of the post, and people can click your username to see your profile and learn more about you and your website! You will have the option to subscribe to the newsletter at registration.

I hope that clears things up :)