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Thanks so much for your interest in being a part of Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters!

All of the following types of submissions, once accepted and posted on the website will be shared extensively through all available social media channels for maximum exposure; Tweeted, pinned on Pinterest, linked on Facebook, etc. and generally raved about wildly in order to bring traffic to your shared posts. I will do my best to bring you as much traffic as possible, so you can keep making more awesome jewelry projects and taking great photos!

There are three types of submissions here at JTHQ and here are the Submission Guidelines and Terms & Conditions for each:

1. Submit a Photo

Accepted submissions will be included under the “Free Tutorials” tab (very popular! :) and on the blog roll as well. Submission is free, and placing a “Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters” badge on your site is requested but not required. This type of submission is great for bringing traffic back to your blog and generating interest in a post you have already created.

By submitting your photo, you acknowledge that you own it or have permission or license to share it in this way. You agree that we may share your photo on this website as well as on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and other social media outlets in order to bring traffic to your post. We do not claim any rights to your photo, and you may request that it be removed at any time in future. Likewise, we reserve the right to remove the photo from the site at any time without notice.

Register. It’s free. (I recommend filling out your profile details where you can add links to your homepage and social networks. This will be visible if someone likes your photo and clicks your username to find out more about you!)

• Submit a photo that links to a jewelry or jewelry-related tutorial on your own blog that you created. Links to guest posts on your blog are fine.

• Posts linked to MUST be FREE tutorials and they must be the direct source of the tutorial. No sales pages and no links to posts linking to other posts.

• Link directly to the URL that corresponds to the photo. Photos linked directly to your homepage will not be accepted.

• Photo submitted must be present on that page (cropped or uncropped versions of the same photo are fine).

• Photos submitted must be your own (or you must have permission to use them in this way ~ again, guest posts on your blog should be fine).

• Blurry or poorly lit photos will not be accepted. Great photos will bring you more traffic!

• No photos with URLs or watermarks. Other text overlays should also be kept to a minimum.

Tutorials do not necessarily have to be jewelry making tutorials, but they must be somehow jewelry related (like how to clean brass, how to make your own jewelry displays, how to take great photos of jewelry, etc.) If you’re not sure, go ahead and submit and we’ll let you know!

2. Submit a Guest Post

Submit a proposal for a guest post. This type of post should be 100% original material which will be entirely unique to this site, though some exceptions may be made. Posts can be tutorials (anything relating to jewelry making, tips on selling jewelry online or at craft shows, other jewelry related tutorials such as packaging, displays, etc.) or other articles with useful or interesting information related to making or selling jewelry (such as, info on gemstones, pricing formulas, etc.).

This type of post is great for getting traffic to your blog or shop, as you will be able to link back to your own sites where readers can find more helpful information and related products. Please note this is the only type of submission which is permitted to link back to a shop or sales page. Guest posting is currently free!

3. Sell Your Tutorials & Patterns

COMING SOON! I am currently working on submission forms and details so in the meantime please contact me or join the newsletter to be notified when this option becomes available!

Upload a pattern or tutorial (in .PDF format) for users to purchase & download, or download for free*.  Fees apply –  No up front fees, assessed only as commission after a sale is processed. (No fees for free downloads.)

Accepted submissions will be included on all Tutorials/Patterns, Blog, and Shopping pages for users to browse, shop, and purchase. *Free files will also be included under our “Free Tutorials” tab.