DIY Leather Tassel Earrings {Video}

DIY leather tassel earrings

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a fun pair of tassel earrings using scraps of suede leather leftover from other projects! This style is so easy to make, and the earrings are so light and airy you’ll want to wear them every day. Mix up your colors with different leathers and have a blast with your new tassel earrings! If you are unable to view the embedded video, click here to watch my >> DIY Leather Tassel Earring {Read More}

DIY Beaded Pearl Earrings Tutorial {Video}

Free jewelry tutorial: Beaded Pearl Earrings from

Learn to make some fun beaded earrings using pearls or your choice of beads or crystals. I use flexible stringing wire with little spacer beads as crimp tubes to suspend these pretty seed pearls in an illusion-style design. Wouldn’t these be fun using festive colorful beads for Christmas? They kind of look like little Christmas trees :) If you are on a mobile device or are otherwise unable to view the embedded video, you can watch this DIY Beaded Pearl {Read More}

DIY Painted Nail Polish Cabochons {Video}

DIY Nail Polish Painted Cabochons tutorial

 Making your own cabochons is easy and fun with your favorite nail polish colors and some glass gems – like the kind you use in vases and aquariums! This video tutorial will show you two different techniques to create interesting patterns and textures under the glass, so you’re essentially creating your own beautiful gems to work with! When they’re done, use them for making pendants, rings, magnets, mosaics, or any number of other fun craft projects. (See ideas below!) 

Wire Wrapped Stone Cabochon Setting Tutorial {Video}

wire wrapped cabochon pendant tutorial

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a wire wrapped stone setting for a cabochon. I found an awesome video that shows you step by step exactly how to do it, so I finally gave it a try! I am just thrilled to bits at how my first attempt came out – I have been wanting to use this lovely turquoise cabochon for so long now. Setting a cabochon in a wire-wrapped bezel is a somewhat involved process – {Read More}

DIY Glass Cabochons and Pendants {Video}

DIY Glass Cabochons and Pendants

Learn to make these cute and colorful glass pendants with me. I’ll show you how to use scrapbook paper and some glass ‘vase gems’ to make some really fun cabochons that you can use for so many things! This video tutorial takes you through the steps of creating the cabochon and adding a bail, but once you learn the technique, you can make magnets, rings, or set them in a bezel just like any other stone cabochon.  There are so {Read More}